How do you adopt Industry 4.0 in your SMB Company

Industry 4.0 Survey: where does your organization stand?

Welcome to the EasyStep2 survey on Industry 4.0 adoption

The promise of Industry 4.0 for Dutch SMEs is great. Organizations that embrace the change can innovate faster and have more room to realize ambitions. But how far are we in the transition to this new way of working? In order to find an answer, EasyStep2 organized this survey.

Are you Familiair with Industry 4.0
Which form(s) of Industry 4.0 do you use within your company? (Multiple answers possible)

Do you apply Industry 4.0 within your company?

Do you see Industry 4.0 as an opportunity or a threat?

Will you use Industry 4.0 within your company, in the future?
What do you expect when you apply an element of Industry 4.0 within your company? (Multiple answers possible)
In which department would you like to apply Industry 4.0 within your company? (Multiple answers possible)

Do you expect that Industry 4.0 will be essential in the future?

What is keeping you from applying Industry 4.0 within your company? (Multiple answers possible)
Does your competition apply Industry 4.0?
How many employees are there in your company?
In which industry is your company active?
What is the revenue of your company in EUR?
Are you familiar with Easystep2?
Would you like to receive extra information about Industry 4.0 and with that also the services of Easystep2?
Are you satisfied with the questions of this survey?
Do you have any comments about this survey?
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Get started with Industry 4.0 right away?

Do you want to do more with Industry 4.0 within your organization and are you looking for a good start? Follow the steps below to start the transformation. Are you looking for someone to think with you? Please contact us. We are ready for you.

Step 1: The right mindset

Industry 4.0 is not about technology, but about a new way of thinking and working. It starts with dreaming again. Ask yourself the following question: what do I want to achieve with my organization? Put it on paper and use it as a guide to devise intermediate steps.

Step 2: Dare to experiment

Industry 4.0 is not about one big step, but about a collection of small steps that together lead to something big. Do not set up large projects, but make small experiments. Let them grow with success and, in case of failure, just cancel them again.

Step 3: Go innovate

What is needed to make your dream come true? Other processes? New expertise? Other machines? Fresh collaborations? Release the issues of the day and make a list of possible intermediate steps that can contribute to the larger goal.

Step 4: Embrace change

Experiments give new possibilities and new insights. Embrace the change this brings to your organization and use the flexibility to keep moving. At least as important: dare to go back to step 1 and re-evaluate your ambition.

Find the connection and let your business grow

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