You have already started using Industry 4.0! Now we need a plan ...

You have already started using Industry 4.0. Now we need an plan!

At the invitation of Microsoft, we organized our first customer day in the Customer Experience Center in Amsterdam. This is an excellent opportunity for us to talk about the practice with entrepreneurs in an inspiring and innovative environment.

You have already started using Industry 4.0. Now we need an plan!

Ask for challenges in production and wholesale and you will get the answer "find and retain staff". You can cover a machine with safety stickers, assemble instruction screens, give introductory courses and upgrade hand scanners, but if the motivation is lacking, the result is limited or even lost.

Industry 4.0 is about people

Scanners, Shop Floor Control and continuous learning are aspects of Industry 4.0. But people are the core. Even with the best hand scanner it goes wrong if mistakes are made. But why do people make mistakes? How can you respond to this? Are warnings, for example, ignored due to unwillingness, due to a lack of time or is there another reason? 

Servers naar de cloud

Change the way of thinking or "Think out of the Box"

Industry 4.0 translates problems into solutions by looking at it from a different angle. Going one step further with existing resources as much as possible. Take CCD cameras as an example. They are mounted at a conveyor belt to measure fill levels or detect deviations. They are mounted at the ceiling to keep an eye on who is walking in and out, with or without movement detection. Suppose we combine these two options, what can we achieve?

Industry 4.0 translates problems into solutions by taking one step further with existing resources as much as possible.

Increase the safety at your working enviroment by using cameras

Microsoft gave an example of a company that uses cameras to monitor risk zones in the workplace. If someone places a pallet or a reach truck in a place where it does not belong, a signal is sent to the safety adviser. He can intervene directly and in a targeted manner. Result: a potentially dangerous situation is resolved so quickly that the perpetrator can be reminded of the safety instructions on site.

cognitive recognition

smart apps

Work better and faster

This is an example in which camera surveillance and real-time image analysis (cognitive recognition) are combined. The safety advisor can work better and faster by thinking out of the box. The shop floor is being watched more closely, safety is on the rise and time remains to arrange other matters. That is what Industry 4.0 is all about. Achieve more as much as possible with existing resources.

Everyone has already started using Industry 4.0, but not everyone is aware of this yet. A missed opportunity. Without an underlying plan, investments do not deliver the maximum.

Shared painful areas

The afternoon brainstorming sessions were the highlight of the customer day. In smaller groups, those present could lay down problems and jointly think about solutions. Shared issues such as quality control when goods were received, a multitude of hardware and software solutions in the organization and product tracing in the warehouse came to the surface.

Brainstormen over Industrie 4.0

Brainstorming, thinking out of the box and translation to reallife practice

Brainstorming, thinking out of the box and translation to reallife practice

Recognizable scenarios and potentially interesting solutions came from one day of brainstorming and thinking. Thanks to the efforts of TechData and the hospitality of Microsoft, we were inspired by an innovative environment. Moreover, theory and practice also met directly in the Experience Center. The first question from the audience: "Nice, such a remote repair, but who is liable? The person who wears the Hololens or the person who controls it?"


More in four months!

The first EasyStep2 Customer Day was a great success. We agreed with the attendees to meet again in four months and to see how we translated the inspiration into practice. Do you want to join us and think along?

Contact us and we'll reserve a spot.