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Microsoft 365 Business includes everything that Office 365 Business Premium offers and adds security and device management to help you protect your business data the company personal devices.
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In July 2017 Microsoft announced, Microsoft 365, in which multiple products come together in one solution. So what is the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365 and what is suitable for your company? Office 365 is the very best productivity solution that offers you the apps and services with which your employees can do more and work together better. Microsoft 365 includes the same apps and services as Office 365 offers with additional features that give you peace of mind by securing your company data on different devices and the ability to remotely remove that data from company or employee devices. You can consider Office 365 as a starting point that will help you on your way to Microsoft 365, enabling you to address advanced security and compliance requirements.
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Save hours each month

Don't waste 3-4 hours each month manually calculating how many hours you worked on a project, just automate it with our app.

Quickly sort through projects

Get a bird's eye view of all of the hours you've worked for each project. Sort based on client, project, or task.

Focus on your work, not admin

Brainpower is precious and should be focused on your projects, not the routine admin tasks that don't add value.

So Many Features You'll Love

Summit is the ultimate tool for growing your freelance business

One-Click Time Tracking

Whether you are on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, tracking your time is just a click away.

Our web app integrates with your browser and includes a free iPhone app so you are never more than 2 seconds away from tracking.

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Powerful Reporting

Run a quick report of all of your work hours. Sort them based on client, project, and task.

Then add a billable total for each hour worked, and send your client the final invoice. It's so easy you'll wonder why you never used Summit sooner.

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Integratie met Mailchimp direct vanuit Business Central

Do you ever do work while not connected to the internet?

Of course you do.

Too bad most time trackers require you to be tethered to the wifi or nearest hotspot.

Summit will rock your world with our exclusive offline time tracking functionality.

Yes, you can now tracked thousands of hours for any project, client, or task without internet access.

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D365 Business Central Mailchimp Connector

Work wherever you want

Work on all your devices and create, edit and share your Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote files online. Anywhere, anytime. Button info about the compatibility of Office 365 Business Essentials with earlier versions of Office.

Simple collaboration

Save, synchronize and share your files online so that they are always up-to-date. You can also edit documents with others in real time.

Easy installation and management

With step-by-step instructions you can quickly add users and start using services. With Office 365 you don't have to worry about IT.

Meest gestelde vragen

Will I be billed once I sign up?

Nope. Your free trial is free. Only pay when you upgrade to a full plan.

How do I pay?

With your credit card, of course. This is the internet.

What's your refund policy?

We don't have one, but you can test out Summit for free by signing up for a free trial.

How easy is it to cancel?

We make it very easy to cancel your trial or normal subscription at anytime. Just click the "cancel" link on your My Account page.

How many teammates can I share with?

As many as you want. Though, there is an additional fee of $5 per teammate after you reach 100.

How come you are so cool?

I'm just lucky I guess.

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Per User/Month
  • Productivity applications
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook
  • Publisher and Access (PC only)
  • Office apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Automatic updates of new functions
  • Business applications
  • Customer Relationship Manager built into Outlook
  • Online planning for customer self-service
  • Create automated workflows with Microsoft Flow
  • Collaboration services
  • Online meetings with screen sharing, audio and HD video
  • A Hub for teamwork with Microsoft Teams
  • Task management for teams with Microsoft Planner
  • Business-class e-mail, agenda and contacts
  • Document storage
  • Version management and history of Office documents
  • Storage and sharing of files with 1 TB per user
  • Document co-authoring and offline sync
  • Device Management
  • Safely manage data on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android
  • Self-service PC implementation with Windows Autopilot
  • Simplified controls for managing Windows 10 Pro PCs
  • Advanced security functions
  • Helps protect your business against malware
  • Security policy that helps manage data access
  • Company data protected on personal mobile devices
  • Preservation, Compliance & Archiving possibilities with continuous backup
  • Support
  • 24x7 web and telephone support included
  • Implementation support with the purchase of 50+ seats via Fasttrack
  • 99.9% financially guaranteed uptime guarantee
  • Devices per license
  • Maximum number of users



Per tenant/maand
  • ]
  • 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets and 5 mobile devices
  • 300
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